Welcome to Davids Projects

This is a David Fowler's personal project site. You will find some of his technology experiments here. You are welcome to look around. Just don't assume anything works or that it will always be available. See something you really like/want? Let David know.

Who am I

  • David Fowler

    Engineer, Technology Innovation Nerd

    While I do work for Raven Industries as Cheif Engineer of Advanced Product Development, nothing you find here is supported by Raven

Current Projects

Currently I am studying mobile application development. My specific interest is with HTML5, NodeJS, JavaScript, No-SQL, TypeScript and about half a dozen JS libraries like JQuery.

Using these tools I create web based applications which run inside the web browser on any platform and can be installed on most mobile devices to work like native (from the market) applications.

Bring Your Own Device

Develop applications which run on all smart devices

A software revolution is occurring, HTML5. Instead of developing an application for iOS (IPhone), Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux, we can build an application to run on the HTML5 platform. Done well, this application is free from platform dependencies. You really can "run" the program on the device you bring, in your pocket, and on your desk. BYOD!(Bring Your Own Device) The HTML5 platform for application development is taking off, the big players are jumping on, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc. They all see the writing on the wall. Like all real progress in technology this will take some time to work out and it will be disruptive, but I have no doubt that it's going to change what it means to create software, that hardware devices will be largely abstracted away.